Day Ninety

Clouds: simple pleasures in the sky.  What do you see?


Day 89

Does the board keep us from seeing in or what's inside from seeing out?  Ponder, then write.


Day Eighty Eight

You are next in line to board when you get an uneasy feeling in your stomach.  What happens next?


Day Eighty Seven

When a pattern emerges, do you pay attention?  Have your character discover a pattern in something, anything.  How does this pattern change him?


Day Eighty Six

Early one morning, you decide to stop at the corner cafe for some coffee.  Moments after you order, a woman comes barging through the front door.  You immediately make a judgement about this woman, but as the events play out, you find your judgement to be terribly wrong.  Fill in the details and go.


Day Eighty Five

A concrete foundation.  Evaluate its strength in the face of nature versus the face of human kind.  Both, if given the opportunity, will get the best of it.  Create a storyline around the very existence of this foundation.


Day Eighty Four

Straight, curved, thick, thin, jagged, smooth, patterned, solitary.  What kind of line is your eye attracted to?  Does the line tell a story within the visible frame of your piece or does your imagination fill in the blanks?  Think about what the lines on your page say about you as an artist.  What do they say about your characters?


Day Eighty Three

If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?  Now imagine living there.  Write about it.


Day Eighty Two

You find a token hidden in the shadows and it takes you on a remarkable journey.  Write about it.


Day Eighty One

Write a story in which a landmark or monument plays a pivotal role.


Day Eighty

Create a storyline around a garden that is life for your character.  This garden is a character in and of itself.  It is also the setting, the conflict, and the resolution for your story.  Time to bloom!


Day 79

Write a fictional story based on a real-life painter.  Whether your painter is famous, unknown, or somewhere inbetween, how does his gift touch the world?


Day Seventy Eight

Your character is treading water and desperately needs to climb ashore.  3, 2, 1, write!


Day Seventy Seven

Raft, dugout, dinghy, kayak,
Gondola, catamaran, fishing boat, schooner,
Houseboat, yacht, riverboat, ferry,
Cruise liner, lifeboat, submarine, aircraft carrier.

Drop your character right on the deck of one of these boats or ships.  Choose one, choose many, but therein lies the challenge.


Day Seventy Six

Luck.  Do you believe in it?  Does your character?  No matter the stance, entwine the concept of luck into your storyline.


Day Seventy Five

A bridge from one side of the bank to the other can take many forms.  Choose a character you've written about in a previous prompt and add planks to the bridge he may take to get from one point in his life to another.


Day Seventy Four

For a writer, any corner of the world becomes a playground.  What is your ideal setting for a story?


Day Seventy Three

Why not dart through the trees from time to time?  Take the path you see in front of you, or weave through the shadows for an entirely different adventure.  Write of a character encountering an unforeseen shadow that shifts him into an unpredictable circumstance.


Day Seventy Two


Calling all tides, high and low, ready and waiting.  Where do you need to be?  What do you need to do?  What's keeping you from attaining that goal?  Are you ready and willing to get your feet wet to do so?


Day Seventy One


What is the most beautiful thing about the forest? What is the ugliest? What is its biggest inconvenience? What is its greatest contribution? Write a story with a forest as the setting.


Day Seventy

What if all mannequins were live people?  How would that change the social construct?  Would that alter such things as the privacy of conversation?  Write a story from the perspective of a mannequin.


Day 69

Your boat capsizes, spilling you and your belongings into the sea.  You have time to grab one item only before the rest sinks to the ocean floor.  What do you grab and why?


Day Sixty Eight

What would your welcome mat say?  Write a story about an unusual welcome mat.


Day Sixty Seven

Comparable to the number of bricks are the days you have walked down this alley.  Only today is different.  Why?


Day Sixty Six

Once the vehicle for a man's livelihood, this wheel now sits neglected and overgrown with weeds.  Turn back time and create a story around the wheel's heyday.


Day Sixty Five

Devoid of color with a focus solely on shape...once broken down to the bare minimum, how does this image still have presence?  Still have impact?  Still have worth?  Despite the obvious, what do you see? 


Day Sixty Four

Would you rather cross the world's oceans in a skiff or snowshoe across the Himalayas?  Have your character face seemingly insurmountable odds and tag along as the adventure unfolds.



Day Sixty Two

The nails will rust, the wood will weather, and the paint will chip.  Age is inevitable with all things, just as the skin with its wrinkles and the hair with its shades of gray.  When the inevitable comes, what remains?  How will you remain in the face of time?


Day Sixty One

Write of a world that has depleted its supply of wood, or of a world where wood never existed.


Day Sixty

This is your view and your destination, or so you believe.  And go!