Day Two Hundred Seventy-Three

Are play and fun synonymous? How do limits change the concept of fun?


Day Two Hundred Seventy-Two

At what temperature do you boil?


Day Two Hundred Seventy-One

If you had the ability to immortalize yourself in art, what masterpiece would you leave the world?


Day Two Hundred Seventy

Which has more of an effect: a home on the person, or a person on the home?


Day 269

Tagged, you're it. What are you gonna do now?


Day Two Hundred Sixty-Eight

Write about the music that drives you...drives you to clean, drives you to exercise, drives you to dance, drives you to face your fears, drives you to remember, drives you to forget...what is it about melody that inspires you?


Day Two Hundred Sixty-Seven

Trapped steam may do more than whistle to get your attention. Find an outlet.


Day Two Hundred Sixty-Six

When do you feel yourself breathe? When do you need to the most?


Day Two Hundred Sixty-Five

Needing assistance, code 3: pick a scratch on the helmet and re-introduce oxygen to the backdraft, ahem backstory.


Day Two Hundred Sixty-Four

How do you lend a helping hand...or two?



Day Two Hundred Sixty-Two

Ahoy, me hearty! Have ye e'er been forced to walk the plank? Be ye who deserves this fate? What lay before ye after the great scallywag's plunge? Ye be makin' chums with the sharks, no less, aye!


Day Two Hundred Sixty-One

To Do Lists. Impossible to ignore, yet we often try tirelessly to do so. Imagine you had your very own personal narrator for a day. You'd hear every thought, every action of your day as a voiceover. How would this affect you and your little list?


Day Two Hundred Sixty

That's the ticket! Take something you've written and revise it for the big screen.


Day 259

Vent. Now.
Then let the air carry away your words, and move on.


Day Two Hundred Fifty-Eight

Laundry. Mundane, sometimes annoying, always necessary. Add some soap, fizz it up, increase the excitement a bit. Surprises wait around every...churn.


Day Two Hundred Fifty-Seven

Is anything ever black and white?


Day Two Hundred Fifty-Six

Two prefers to follow one and is perfectly content to be smaller than three. Yet four wouldn't be half he could be if it weren't for two. In the end, two needs two ones to even be a whole, and without those two ones, he would be nothing.

"Only TWO things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former."
- Albert Einstein


Day Two Hundred Fifty-Five

History never skips a time or a place. Write a story that proves this sign wrong.


Day Two Hundred Fifty-Four

Standing in honor...especially today.


Day Two Hundred Fifty Two

When was the last time you felt like you could bend steel?


Day Two Hundred Fifty-One

It's simply a complicated puzzle. But there are solutions. In fact, many. A beautiful drive lies ahead, are you patient enough to figure it out? 


Day Two Hundred Fifty

"Liquid fire." Inert gas and some high voltage...simple and genius. It's invention time. What would you create if you had the time and the resources?


Day 249

What is integral to architecture is not always integral to the human construct.  When does a fa├žade lose its purpose?


Day Two Hundred Forty-Eight

If you could try something new, what would it be?


Day Two Hundred Forty-Seven

How could stopping in for a cup of coffee change someone's life?


Day Two Hundred Forty-Six

What elicited your last feeling of nostalgia? 


Day Two Hundred Forty-Five

The line. When do you draw it? And is it implied, or is it labeled with a giant arrow?


Day Two Hundred Forty-Four

Oh crumb...tire crumb, that is.  A purpose served, a repurpose destined, a life ongoing.  We should all be so lucky.