One Hundred Fifty One

Your character is in danger of losing something intangible.  Does he fight to keep it or does he let it go?


Day One Hundred Fifty

Hugs and kisses.  Give someone a hug, then write about that someone.


Day 149

What if athletics were illegal?



Day One Hundred Forty Seven

You are waiting under the overhang for something.  Write about what that something is and why you're waiting.


Day One Hundred Forty Six

If you could take a single photograph of anything in the world, what would it be?  Base a story around the pursuit of this shot.



Day One Hundred Forty Four

Choose a cultural tradition or festive occasion to inspire today's writings.  Time to celebrate!


Day One Hundred Forty Three

Choose a music track at random.  Play the track and write for the music.  If the tempo changes, so does your scene.  If the mood changes, so does your character.  Your story does whatever the music does, no exceptions.  Stay flexible and on your toes, or your fingertips for that matter.  (Suggestion: instrumental tracks provide more freedom than ones with lyrics.)


Day One Hundred Forty Two

When it comes to buildings, your character has a taste for the extreme.  Becoming the next Human Fly and taking up urban BASE jumping are both on the to do list.  1, 2, 3, jump!


Day One Hundred Forty One

Vacancy.  What happens if something stays empty too long?  Your character has a vacancy to fill.  Fill it with your imagination.


Day One Hundred Forty

The bicycle.  Whether a professional racer, a circus performer, a bike messenger, or simply a commuter choosing not to drive, your character uses a bicycle regularly.  Now's the time to start pedaling.


Day 139

Brick upon brick.  What are you building?


Day One Hundred Thirty Eight

Feeling minty, pepperminty...base today's story around a candymaker whose signature confection requires peppermint.


Day One Hundred Thirty Seven

Your only choice is to break the window.  Why?


Day One Hundred Thirty Six

Hotel, motel, inn, B&B, resort, lodge, or hostel.  Choose one and set today's story within the walls of its lobby only.


Day One Hundred Thirty Five

Your character is restrained in some way, whether by his doing or someone else's.  Brainstorm solutions to this predicament.  Then again, is a solution the best thing?


One Hundred Thirty Four

A tender heart.  A helping hand.  A gift of self.  Your character today possesses it all.  Write.  Now.


Day One Hundred Thirty Three

Signs are everywhere.  Do you believe?



Day One Hundred Thirty One

As you walked by, the mirror provided an image you wouldn't have seen otherwise.  What was it?


Day One Hundred Thirty

For one reason or another, you are tasked with emptying and cleaning an old abandoned warehouse.  Adventure or chore?  Find anything worth your effort?


Day 129

You see where you want to go, but you can't get there.  What do you do?


Day One Hundred Twenty Eight

From the rooftop, you watch passersby going about their daily routines.  You delight in your secret surveillance until one day.  Why?


Day One Hundred Twenty Seven

You tried to sleep below deck, but the buoy's incessant banging on the hull kept you awake.  You wish, however, that was the only reason for your insomnia.  Please continue.


Day One Hundred Twenty Six

Stairs take you somewhere.  Where are you going?


Day One Hundred Twenty Five

Whoa!  Hold up, slow it down.  Set your story in an era where the horse was the primary source of transportation, other than one's own feet of course.


Day One Hundred Twenty Four

What if you were only allowed by law to eat food grown or tended by your own hand?


Day One Hundred Twenty Three

You will always remember the sound of these doors opening.  Why?


Day One Hundred Twenty Two

The sun defines reliability.  Once it sets, it will inevitably rise again.  What would happen if there were no more sunrises?


Day One Hundred Twenty One

What in life is key?  Write of a character who is attempting to answer this question for others, not himself.  What happens?