Day Two Hundred Twelve

Once burned, twice living.  All life rebounds.  Write today of a comeback story. 


Day Two Hundred Eleven

In or out of season...what do you savor?  What do you miss?  What do you choose to fill the void from that which is missed?  Is it possible?


Day Two Hundred Ten

Would you like some lemon with your lime?  Or some lime with your lemon?  Cross over to the other side once in a while, see something through someone else's eyes, stand in someone else's shoes.  Does it change your perspective?


Day 209

Why are two better than one?


Day Two Hundred and Eight

Capturing the light for life.  Quite applicable for more than just kelp, yes?


Day Two Hundred and Seven

Cheers to good friends!  Nestled around a table, sharing good food and good laughs.  All rare, all precious.  Time to get a little heartfelt and write about 'em.


Day Two Hundred and Six

When the sun sets, a sun rise is soon to follow. Don't forget to turn around.


Day Two Hundred and Five

Write about a treasure hunt, unusual in nature, obscure in discovery, vast in lesson.


Day Two Hundred and Four

What does consideration mean to you?  Does it come naturally to you?  Do you offer to help without knowing what that help may be?  What or who might you be saving by doing so?  Does it matter?


Day Two Hundred and Three

Cookies and cakes, berries and cream, or something as simple as a glass of apple juice.  What's your sweet tooth craving?


Day Two Hundred and Two

I'm still not sure if I should make a U-turn here.  Any suggestions to clear things up?


Day Two Hundred and One

What causes a light bulb moment?  Can this cause be studied, quantified, predicted, even initiated?



100 more days, 100 more photos.  100 more details captured, 100 more moments experienced.  But the moment is not defined by the photo, instead by everything unseen beyond the photo's frame.  Value the moment for the seen and the unseen.


Day One 199

Time to jump!  The water's calling.  What's your next adventure?


Day One Hundred Ninety-Eight

What line do you follow?  What lies waiting for you at the end?  What's your lifeline?


Day One Hundred Ninety-Seven

You can hide and watch the world live, but you can't live in the world while hiding.


Day One Hundred Ninety-Six

Shoes off, toes in the sand.  Write about one of your favorite sensations.


Day One Hundred Ninety-Five

It's true, they do speak.  What did they tell you?


Day One Hundred Ninety-Four

Slower sign makers, please use an editor.  By the way, I'm available.


Day One Hundred Ninety-Three

Did they think the garden knome would be too whimsical...?  You have to admit, it has potential.  How would you turn the most unlikely item into a piece of art?


Day One Hundred Ninety-Two

Camp site hugged by redwoods, two nights: $70.  Bundle of wood for campfire: $6.  Six slightly charred yet delectable marshmallows: pennies.  Three days without tears: priceless.


Day One Hundred Eighty-Seven

Some things just scream, "Take my picture!"