Day One Hundred Twenty

Something unexpected happens when you are crossing this bridge.  Elaborate now.


Day 119

Your character is homesick, and her daily routine is laced with daydreams of "home."  If her mind is living in this dream state, how does it affect her real life?  Lots of potential to have fun with this one.


Day One Hundred Eighteen

If you could choose one song to be your personal anthem, what would it be?


Day One Hundred Seventeen

What is your favorite view from a moving car?  Or from any mode of transportation?


Day One Hundred Sixteen

If you could set up and manage a toll-free phone number, what would it be for?


Day One Hundred Fifteen

If you were an artist, what would be your medium?  Would your work be inspired by a specific movement?  If you are already an artist, what new medium would you like to try?


Day One Hundred Fourteen

Speed.  Love it or hate it.  What is your perfect speed?  Today's story should revolve around a character discontent with his current speed.


Day One Hundred Thirteen

Create a story about a civilization, human or not, that lives underwater.


Day One Hundred Twelve

Follow a character through the seasons.  Does one season hold more promise than another?  Or does one pose more hardship?  Your character could be without a home, or tending to his crop fields, or simply a mother trying to find new and creative ways to entertain her children.  How do the changes in nature, in weather affect your character's everyday life?


One Hundred Eleven

What would you do if you were immune to the law?


One Hundred Ten

Your character is authorized personnel.  What secrets lay behind this sign and what does your character do to protect them?


Day 109

Do you think farm animals are content with their role in life?  What would happen if they could speak our language?  Set your story on a farm and have the animals play an integral part in your plot.


Day One Hundred Eight

One specific number is seemingly following your character.  This number is everywhere.  The change from the restaurant bill, the time of a meeting, the focus of a news report, the bus route number, etc.  With each new appearance, your character becomes more paranoid about its meaning.  Go!


Day One Hundred Seven

What emotion does this photograph evoke for you?  Apply that emotion to your character and have him feel it to the extreme.  Every word and every action is defined by it, as is your story.


Day One Hundred Six

What do you see when you can't see out?


Day One Hundred Five

Bugs.  They are your focus.  Write about 'em.


Day One Hundred Four

Write of a place, a thing, or a person in need?  It can be as simple as a brick wall in need of a little natural beauty to soften its edges, or something more complex.  You know the drill.


Day One Hundred Three

Do you live on the outside or the inside?  Is one better than the other?  Can you do both?


Day One Hundred Two

You are confined behind this wall for a day.  Your only exposure to the outside world is through this small round window.  Why are you here?  What do you see?


Day One Hundred One

Embrace an abstraction, find a reality in it, and write about it.  Now examine the abstraction a second time and write from an entirely different perspective.  Does one reality have more truth that the other?  And off we go again!



What does 100 mean to you?


Day 99

What if spring no longer sprung?


Day Ninety Eight

A game is your focus. Is your character a player or a spectator? How does your character react when a goal is missed, a throw falls short, a ball goes out of bounds?


Day Ninety Seven

Sniff out the paper, the pen.  Bark at the blankness of the page that stares back at you.  Now sit, good writer.  Here's your treat.


Day Ninety Six

How would your life change if you turned off all the electric lights?  Base today's story in an era without electricity, or in present day but without this specific modern convenience.


Day Ninety Five

A wall to block out the encroaching sand and sea.  What if all these walls were knocked down, all breakwaters were removed, all attempts to control the sea were prohibited?  How would that affect us and our coastal way of life?  Overlook the immediate effects and focus on the long term consequences, if any?  Or are we a consequence to the sea?


Day Ninety Four

It's ten o'clock at night.  You cautiously look back up the stairs as you knock on the door.  Your knuckles rap three times, pause and then land on the wood for the final knock.  At this point, the door opens.  What happens next?


Day Ninety Three

You know how this glove got here and who it belongs to, but a backstory is needed.  Please fill us in.


Day Ninety Two

Imagine a world with no contrast: every person alike in appearance, every car the same color and shape, every city the same, every acre of land the same.  Now introduce a single unit of contrast.  How does that change your imagined world?


Day Ninety One

Imagine yourself on a road trip in the 1920s; newly laid highways and open countryside at your fingertips.  After a long day of driving, you decide to stop for the night at a motorist's hotel you spot just off the road.  Begin here.