Day Two Hundred Forty-Three

Have you known pure joy?  Do you know it now?  How often does your heart beat with its melody?


Day Two Hundred Forty-Two

Words can do in a swift second what time may take a lifetime to do. Be aware. 


Day Two Hundred Forty-One

What adventures might you happen upon by playing tourist in your hometown?


Day Two Hundred Forty

Contradiction is almost exactly everywhere.  If the blind can see it, so can you.  This is your vague focus for the evening.  Enjoy, or not.


Day 239

"Golly bob-howdy!"

How reliable are you? When it really comes down to it, to what lengths would you go for a friend?


Day Two Hundred Thirty-Eight

Bending over backward, one day at a time. Soon you won't be able to stand upright.  How do you view the world from this new posture?


Day Two Hundred Thirty-Seven

An obsession with green lies in the heat of summer, a longing for a rainy day, a crispness in the air, a scent of renewal wafting from every direction. When it's hot, some wish for it to be cooler.  When it's cold, some wish for it to be hotter. Ever wish for it to be just the way it is?


Day Two Hundred Thirty-Six

Park it right here, and stay a while.



Day Two Hundred Thirty-Four

Green means go! Need I say more?


Day Two Hundred Thirty Three

Bad paint jobs can happen to good people. You can follow the directions, you can listen to the advice of the most reputable experts, you can invest multiple hours of elbow grease, and the paint still ends up cracking, peeling, or falling off in sheets, seemingly taking pieces of the wall with it. Do not fret, my dear painter. Your HGTV-worthy wall will come. Just summon the courage to peel the layers and start again.


Day Two Hundred Thirty-One

Do you follow the straight and narrow, or are you a zigzag kind of person?  What happens if you do the opposite of what you're used to doing?


Day Two Hundred Thirty

What happens when you get to the end of the road?


Day 229

The paper napkin is to the writer as the net is to the butterfly.  Words flutter about everywhere, be willing to capture them anywhere.


Day Two Hundred Twenty-Eight

The buck stops here...can you say the same?


Day Two Hundred Twenty-Seven

Time to clean house.  Apply the phrase to something other than your home.  Go!


Day Two Hundred Twenty Six

If tasked with moving a mountain, would you take it stone by stone, or break your back in an all-at-once attempt?


Day Two Hundred Twenty-Five

Third time's a charm.  Three strikes, you're out.  Luck comes in threes.  The genie will grant you three wishes.  Three sheets to the wind.  On the count of three...write!

Einstein's Three Rules of Work: (1) Out of clutter find simplicity, (2) From discord find harmony, (3) In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
--Albert Einstein

A writer needs three things: experience, observation, and imagination. Any two of which, at times any one of which, can supply the lack of the others.
--William Faulkner

And in honor of a personal endeavor:
There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.
--William Somerset Maugham


Day Two Hundred Twenty-Four

For every hardscape, a soft and living component lies in waiting.  Always.


Day Two Hundred Twenty-Three

Sound the alarm, it's time for a rescue.  Every time the bell rings, a life changes.  Tell us how.


Day Two Hundred Twenty-Two

Without direction?  Just follow your feet.  Where do they take you?


Day Two Hundred Twenty-One

Every tile is unique, cut from a different corner of glass.  In a mosaic, they blend together.  Some disappear for the sake of the bigger picture, but remain no less important.  Retrieve each tile from the masses and celebrate it.


Day Two Hundred Twenty

How do you climb uphill?  Do you look at your feet the whole time or do you remember to look up?  How do you hike back down? Do you go heel to toe, head over feet, or somewhere in between?  Let's trek the night by moonlight.  It's exploring time.


Day 219

Flex those fingers, stretch that mind, work those words for an active storyline.


Day Two Hundred Eighteen

You can't be anything if you never do the thing that makes you something.  We're all on the edges of our seats...what are you waiting for? 


Day Two Hundred Seventeen

For tonight, write about something you may be uncomfortable facing or that is simply out of your comfort zone.  Let no one see what you've written.  Do those words still have power if only for your eyes?


Day Two Hundred Sixteen

How many quarters would you sacrifice to get your desired color?


Day Two Hundred Fifteen

Its presence paints the world.  Hold tightly to that paintbrush.



Day Two Hundred Thirteen

Experience for the sake of experience.  Get outside, meet people, look at the world from a different angle.  Your writing will thank you for it.