Day 365! Day 365! Day 365!

Because of you, I see reflections in puddles and beauty in rust.
Because of you, I see hope in the abandoned and joy in the obscure.
Because of you, I see brilliance on the cloudiest of days.
Because of you, I look up more often.
Because of you, I am living proof new year's resolutions are attainable.
Because of you, I know firsthand any journey taken for one's self is a journey worth taking.

Thank you for 365 days of opportunity.


Day Three Hundred Sixty-Four

Time is a matter of perspective.
Change your perspective, change time.


Day Three Hundred Sixty-Three

When was the last time the question "Why didn't I think of that?" crossed your mind? Wherein lies the root of true genius? Do we all possess the means?


Day Three Hundred Sixty-Two

How close is acceptable before it's considered an invasion? Is the line clear?


Day Three Hundred Sixty-One

Air. It's complex, abundant, and necessary. From it, we draw life...in more ways than one.

When was the last time your past visited you through your sense of smell?


Day Three Hundred Sixty

You're approaching the end of the line. What if you need more track?


Day 359

Choose your favorite carol and let it tell your story.


Day Three Hundred Fifty-Eight

Traditional bulbs or LEDs? Multi-colored or clear? Cool white or warm white? Icicles or single-bulbs? Awesomely reserved or awesomely overdone?


Day Three Hundred Fifty-Seven

Describe your favorite holiday tradition.


Day Three Hundred Fifty-Six

Describe your favorite decoration for the holidays.



Day Three Hundred Fifty-Four

When was the last time you felt like a kid?


Day Three Hundred Fifty-Three

If you were abandoned, how would you weather?


Day Three Hundred Fifty-Two

What if there were no end in sight?


Day Three Hundred Fifty-One

Explain the love-hate relationship with repetition.


Day Three Hundred Fifty

There are tools for convenience, tools for necessity, tools for aid. If it's a tool for fun, then is it called a toy? What tool could you absolutely not live without?


Day 349

What was the last sentence you said that you never thought you'd say?


Day Three Hundred Forty-Eight

Finish this sentence: When things pile up, I inevitably...



Day Three Hundred Forty-Five

Do you have aspirations of being more than you are?


Day Three Hundred Forty-Four

What if bulbs on a light strand played the telephone game?


Day Three Hundred Forty-Three

What makes you feel on edge? What happens next?


Day Three Hundred Forty-Two

What if your life's work was on display for all to critique? Could you handle it?


Day Three Hundred Forty-One

If you didn't have to work, what would you do?


Day Three Hundred Forty

What if you were standing on the outside looking in?


Day 339

What if your life were a musical?


Day Three Hundred Thirty-Eight

What is one thing that would make your morning delightful?


Day Three Hundred Thirty-Seven

If you could see your future, would you do something now to
change it?


Day Three Hundred Thirty-Six

Your bus is late. Whether by one minute or twenty, the tardiness changes the course of your day. How?


Day Three Hundred Thirty-Five

To flock or not to flock. Write of a seasonal tradition that which you have never taken part.


Day Three Hundred Thirty-Four

You are making small talk with a stranger and come to find out something remarkable about his or her life. Therein lies your story for the day.


Day Three Hundred Thirty-Three

Variety adds flavor. Too much variety can cause chaos. What if you were to eliminate variety altogether? Choose one type of food to have for dinner every night for the rest of your life. What would that food be?


Day Three Hundred Thirty-Two

A newspaper headline catches your eye. Why?


Day Three Hundred Thirty-One

You hear their voices behind the wall when you pick up your mail everyday. Transcend the wall and write their story.


Day Three Hundred Thirty

An old, refurbished school bus now contains all your belongings. Where are you going?


Day 329

I'm thankful for ground cover. My cell phone, after dropping some twenty-five feet, is still in one piece because of it. Of the many worthy things you're thankful for, be thankful for the mundane, the obscure, the unusual. Then tell its story.


Day Three Hundred Twenty-Eight

How do you find the pleasant in the unpleasant, the beauty in the ugly, the appetizing in the disgusting...the art in the splat?


Day Three Hundred Twenty-Seven

What is your least favorite chore?


Day Three Hundred Twenty-Six

Imagine doing a job you had never thought you would. What then?


Day Three Hundred Twenty-Five

Do you ever feel guilty for stepping on a fallen leaf?


Day Three Hundred Twenty-Four

On a piece of paper, write ten things about your life right now that make you unhappy. Now choose one option from the following list of ten things to do with the first list.

1. Run away from the list, far far away, hoping that the smaller the list looks to the naked eye, the smaller the items on the list will appear.
2. Attempt to remedy one item from your list per day for the rest of the month.
3. Take the list to a bonfire pit and use it for kindling to start a fire from which you will roast marshmallows (reference Day One Hundred Ninety-Two)
4. Seal the list in an envelope for 6 months. What importance will those items hold when you reread the list 6 months from now?
5. Find someone else who has read the post. Fold your lists into paper airplanes, stand on something tall, and have a flying contest.
6. Share your list with someone. Ask that person for advice...and be open to what they say.
7. Tear the list into tiny pieces. Then gather all the pieces into your hands and throw them into the air while yelling at the top of your lungs, "Happy New Year!" Mean it.
8. Separate the items on your list into two categories: (1) things I can change, and (2) things I can't change. How does this change your perspective?
9. Use only supplies you presently have near you, and craft something out of the list that makes you laugh...at it, or at yourself. It doesn't matter which, you're still laughing.
10. Find a scale and weigh your list. Now stand on the scale, think of all the things that make you happy, and smile. Which has more weight in this life?


Day Three Hundred Twenty-Three

To keep in or keep out, depends on the direction of the wire.



Day Three Hundred Twenty-One

There's no i in team, but there's an i in write. No one will do the work for you. Now suit up, get out there, give it 110%, and leave it all on the page.


Day Three Hundred Twenty

What if you were stuck...on the side of the road...in the middle of the ocean...in a blizzard...


Day 319

Are we doing enough?


Day Three Hundred Eighteen

How often do you truly pay attention to the view through your windshield?


Day Three Hundred Seventeen

What is one small thing you could do right now to make a difference?


Day Three Hundred Sixteen

How much money would you want to make per year to be happy?