Day One Hundred Seventy-Six

I'll be posting only photos for the next few days, letting them talk however they are supposed to...for now.


Day One Hundred Seventy-Five

Write about a souvenir that changes the course of your story.


Day One Hundred Seventy-Four

What are your greatest barriers?  Do you possess wire cutters to snip a hole in the fence or a chisel to chip away at the mortar?  Or will these walls forever impede your progress?


Day One Hundred Seventy-Three

The most obvious things often elude us.  Write about overlooking the obvious and what happens by doing so.


Day One Hundred Seventy Two

What does your front porch say about you?  Warm and well-kept, cold and ignored, or used yet welcome. Is it accurate or telling of something else in the works?  Write of a character who analyzes this distinct entrance into people's lives.


Day One Hundred Seventy One

Treasure or trash.  What awaits you?


Day One Hundred Seventy

What if people were labeled the way streets are?


Day 169

Hundreds of millions of pieces of mail are delivered each day.  What if one gets lost?


One Hundred Sixty-Eight

What if you weren't allowed to throw anything away?



Day One Hundred Sixty-Six

What if you were a seagull?  Hated by some, never quite feeling wanted, often overlooked for your service. Constantly tempted by passersby to overindulge in their junk food, most days finding your feast in the garbage. Yet perfectly capable of riding the wind and spending a lazy glorious day at the beach.  What if?



One Hundred Sixty-Four

Are you a let-in-the-light kind of person?  Or do you prefer the blinds closed, the shades down, the curtains drawn?  What does that mean?


One Hundred Sixty-Three

Your character has been working...working on the railroad.  And all the live long day, in fact.  Have him break to tell his story.


Day One Hundred Sixty-Two

Fresh off the sea after how long?  What were you doing out there?  Tell of your experience and what it feels like to be back on solid ground.


Day One Hundred Sixty One

International relations is your theme.  Simplify it down to a personal level.


Day One Hundred Sixty

What's your favorite letter?  Base a story around it.


Day 159

What would you write?


Day One Hundred Fifty Eight

Set today's story behind the scenes of a traveling carnival.


Day One Hundred Fifty-Seven

The art of courtship.  This is your theme.  Time to woo.


Day One Hundred Fifty Six

Your character is a hinge.  He adjoins two seemingly rigid and stationary things, creating motion.  What relies on him?  Has it made him rusty and need of repair, or does he swivel freely and happily in this connection?


Day One Hundred Fifty Four

Self: constant or in flux.  Write about a moment where you felt your self defined.  Does that definition still hold true?


One Hundred Fifty Three

Remember school?  Retrieve a moment and write about it.


One Hundred Fifty Two

You find your drive home blocked by a load of pallets and their goods scattered across the road.  Further ahead, a flatbed truck sits empty and straddling the center line.  And go.