Day 365! Day 365! Day 365!

Because of you, I see reflections in puddles and beauty in rust.
Because of you, I see hope in the abandoned and joy in the obscure.
Because of you, I see brilliance on the cloudiest of days.
Because of you, I look up more often.
Because of you, I am living proof new year's resolutions are attainable.
Because of you, I know firsthand any journey taken for one's self is a journey worth taking.

Thank you for 365 days of opportunity.


  1. And thank you for providing us with 365 days of insight. Congratulations on the completion of your journey!

  2. because of YOU...i see so much with more clarity and yet the vague is ok too. i see you with a new found joy and it makes my heart happy . i see with more insight the world as wider and grander versions of before. a true gift! thank you! happy new year! nsh

  3. You did it! Keep that creativity flowing - you are AWESOME! M&D


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