3 of 365

The radio filled the car with the sound of a reporter speaking French. A grocery store had run out of citrus. Elise glanced in worry at the bag of oranges on the passenger seat. Then a recording played, "Couvre-feu commencera à huit heures ce soir." It was 7:59. In a panic, she left her car in the middle of the road, just short of her driveway in the Los Angeles suburb. She hurried inside with oranges in hand and locked the deadbolt behind her.

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  1. definitely want to know more on this one! is because of aliens & their desire for sweet citrus? is it all citrus or just oranges, have they wiped out the orange groves too? Or is it zombies that have a thirst for vitamin c... but only after 8 :) awesome story, so many questions & possibilities


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